Marketing’s a funny subject.  Everyone’s a marketer (which is true) but everyone views marketing differently.

Blog: Making Marketing Messages Meaningful

Some view it as traditional advertising through newspapers/television/radio while others think of direct mail, letter box drops, networking or even billboards.  In more recent times, social media, emails and websites have joined the mix.  The key point is that these are all perfectly legitimate marketing channels and all can play a role in marketing when used correctly.

Unless you are a celebrity, having a list of 10,000 email addresses or likes is unlikely to be valuable to your business if you don’t have a relationship with the person behind the email address or like.  This is particularly true if you have paid someone on Fiverr to add them for you!  The aim of any marketing effort should be to build a (stronger) relationship with your customers.

To do that, you need to –

  • Target the message to a specific segment of the market. Most businesses deal with customers with different needs and “hot points”. It is therefore necessary to focus each message to a specific segment. In this way your response will be better than trying to find a message that will appeal to all relevant segments.
  • Be aware that all impressions matter. We know how important first impressions are but, if subsequent interactions are not as expected, the great first impression is quickly forgotten (and so is your business).  Making sure that expectations are met (or better – exceeded) in all areas of your business is a powerful marketing message.
  • Maintain the conversation. Wherever possible, staying in touch with your current and potential customers will help build a stronger relationship.  Providing relevant information via newsletters, research papers, emails or perhaps personal phone calls are all valuable communication and emphasise to the recipient that your business knows their needs and is equipped to help. 
  • And, where appropriate, add some personal details. People develop relationships with people so “keep it real” by communicating relevant personal information (don’t tweet about the pie you had for lunch!). Personal achievements of you and your team will assist the development of a strong relationship.

Interestingly, the same marketing fundamentals apply when you are marketing yourself.  Your marketing efforts need to extend well beyond the initial interview.  Everyone tries to impress at the first meeting but consistently maintaining & nurturing that impression is the sign of someone who understands the importance of a personal brand to a successful career.

Whether you are marketing a business or marketing yourself, make sure you have these marketing fundamentals firmly sorted before any consideration of which marketing channel is the most appropriate or even the message you wish to convey.  Without clarity around these key points, your marketing will be just more noise.

J&T Business Development are equipped to guide you on your marketing journey.  Addressing the above fundamentals and translating that analysis into powerful marketing messages takes expertise and experience.  Don’t just leave this important part of your business to chance.