In a recent article, I mentioned how my use of Trello as a To Do list management tool had increased my productivity.  It has also, coincidentally, assisted in my constant battle with procrastination.

Blog: 4 free tools for effective time management

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A number of readers have since commented that they too are finding Trello to be a useful tool in their business and personal lives.  It may therefore be an opportune time to discuss a few other online tools that I have found to be useful in running my businesses.  They may be useful for yours.

Buffer: If you have (or would like to have) an active social media presence, applications like Buffer help you reduce the time you need to devote to maintaining that presence.  The free version allows you to schedule up to 10 posts at any time to any of the major social media platforms as well as providing some statistics on the engagement of users with your posts.

Automating the posting process ensures a regular stream of posts without you having to drive the process.  Of course, depending on how often you post, you still need to provide the content for the posts but you are able to reduce the number of times you have to think about it. While on the subject of social media posts, a common problem is the need to provide links to material while keeping the overall size of the post within certain size restrictions.  In some cases, the URL is so long it takes a significant portion of the available size. compresses any URL to less than 20 characters which can be copied into the post as a clickable link to allow simple connection to the content you want the reader to receive.

SurveyMonkey: As the name suggests, this tool allows you to design, distribute and control responses to surveys.  The free version allows for 10 questions to be sent to 100 respondents with reasonable reporting and summarisation of the results.  It does take some effort to learn how to use it effectively.

Grammarly: This very useful tool helps you overcome the embarrassing gaps in your grammar knowledge or just fixes typos.  It identifies potential grammatical errors in your text and offers suggestions to fix it together with an explanation of where you went wrong in your communication piece.

Being open to the possible use of new tools is an important part of improving your business or your life in general.  It is not possible to evaluate (or even be aware of) every new tool as it becomes available.  If any of the above sound interesting, take them for a test drive.  You may enjoy the experience of something new.